A Safer Way to Save Coworkers

Get People to Safety Faster

The oil and gas industry is an always growing field and, with that growth, comes new risks. As much as the industry mitigates the risk, accidents can happen when workers are exposed to toxic fumes or low oxygen situations. In a rescue situation, it is imperative to work as quickly and as safely as possible. Draggin’ Hooks are a new safety garment that allows rescuers to save unconscious victims as quickly as possible, while ensuring their own safety.


Draggin’ Hooks are a built-in safety system for oil and gas workers. These handles are located on the shoulders of the coveralls that all oil and gas workers wear. They remain hidden and out of site until they are needed by removable patches. In an emergency situation, the hooks are easily uncovered and provide an efficient method for dragging coworkers to safety.

Rescue method

In the past, the best way to move someone who has succumbed to a gas leak was to bend down and drag the body as best as possible. The built-in harness inside the Draggin’ Hooks coveralls provides the support necessary to move a prone body with ease. The handles provide the ideal hand-hold, meaning you don’t have to try and lift an entire body. Just grab and pull.

rescuer safety

The last thing any rescue situation needs is more victims and, when first responders are not careful, they can often succumb to the same toxic fumes or lack of oxygen as the victims they are trying to move the victim. Draggin’ Hooks provide rescuers a way to save their coworkers, without putting their own lives in danger by removing the threat of a dislodged oxygen mask.